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Petr, Dan, Dan and Lukáš. Before they met, Lukáš Otevřel (Port X), dreaming of a mini house that he could build himself, architects Dan Baudis and Dan Rohan (DDAANN Studio), already with a plan for the look of the house, were looking for someone who could meet the requirements for a high-quality minimalist structure. They found Devoto in Libčice. The owner, Petr Porta, and his resources allowed them to produce more houses.
Port X + Ddaann + Devoto = Done!

Tiny House Done - náš tým
Petr Porta

Production | Devoto

+420 720 659 608

Dan Baudis


+420 777 273 903

Dan Rohan


+420 773 563 525

Lukáš Otevřel

Sales and Marketing

+420 775 115 155

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